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Vehicle display supporting system:

Car navigation system, LCD instrument panel, smart rearview mirror, HUD head-up display, AR head-up display, rear seat entertainment display, car window transparent display and other innovative display applications.

Vehicle touch display module:

Touch display module, LCD display, TFT-LCD display, OLED display, AMOLED display, Micro-LED display, Mini-LED display, backlight module, touch screen, etc.

Car cover:

3D glass, IML, IMD, PC, PMMA, etc.

On-board display materials and equipment:

Substrate glass, liquid crystal materials, polarizers, color filters, optical films, driver ICs, targets, deposition equipment, exposure equipment, developing equipment, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, polarizing plate equipment, testing equipment, PI coating/ Curing equipment, directional friction equipment, liquid crystal filling/sealing equipment, inkjet printing equipment, etc.

Car touch screen materials and equipment:

Screen printing consumables, high-functional films, vacuum coating materials, etchant/photoresist, ITO film/ITO glass, nano silver wire, metal grid, screen printing machine, coating/developing/cleaning equipment, purification equipment, laser cutting equipment, Curing/drying equipment, laminating/dispensing equipment, AOI/analyzer/detector, etc.

Vehicle cover material and equipment:

White glass, AG glass, cutting fluid, polishing powder, cleaning agent, potassium nitrate, ink, AF/AG/AR film, sheet processing, IML processing, diaphragm related, plastic particles, injection molding machine, air high pressure machine, glass opening Feeder, cutter wheel, engraving machine, grinding head, grinder, hot bending machine, graphite mold, cleaning machine, tempering furnace, screen printing machine, screen, tunnel furnace, spraying machine, vacuum coating machine, testing equipment, etc. 

Optical bonding production process and material equipment:

OCA, OCR, LOCA, SCA, TOCA, laminating packaging materials, fully laminating optical film, OCA laminating machine, OCR laminating machine, deaerator, UV curing machine, UV light source, etc.

Car perception:

Sensors, lidar, ultrasonic radar, millimeter wave radar, camera, infrared, binocular/multi-eye vision, gesture recognition, positioning navigation, vehicle communication and vehicle perception testing, etc.

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