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The Greater Bay Area Automotive Materials Conference and Exhibition 2023 will be held on Dec.6-Dec.8, 2023

In the face of huge changes of the automobile industry, the automobile manufacture industry is speeding up its integration with emerging technologies and is being transformed and upgraded in the direction of “four trends”. materials are the foundation of automobile manufacture. Lightweight, as one of the main routes of automotive technology development in the future, has higher requirements on the application of materials. The innovation of material technology keeps driving the lightweight technology to progress constantly. The Greater Bay Area Automotive Materials Conference and Exhibition 2023 will provide a zero-distance interaction platform between suppliers of materials and lightweight fields such as steel and aluminum automotive materials, automotive plastics and composite materials, processing and connecting technologies and the terminal users of engine factories and parts and components manufacturers. Focusing on new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new solutions in the field of materials and guided by the core concepts of greenness, safety and cost, it aims to satisfy the individualized material demands of automobile enterprises and further enhance the lightweight level of automobile making in China.


China Auto Parts Accessories & Corp (CAPAC)

China-Europe Automotive Materials Committee

International Automobile Lightweight Green Technology Alliance

China-Europe New Energy Smart Automobile Industry Association

China Plastics Association Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather Professional Committee

INFO Exhibition (Shanghai) Group Co., Ltd.


Engineering Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

China Automotive Parts Electronics Development Center

Shanghai Association of Adhesive Technology

Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association

Guangxi New Energy Automobile Industry Association

INFO Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Main participants

Heads, technical directors, directors in charge of research and development/ production and manufacture/technology of businesses, famous experts of research institutes and higher learning institutes, and journalists of news media, etc.

Main industries of participants

Engine makers, parts and components manufacturers, material suppliers, higher learning institutes, globally renowned suppliers, guests of associations and societies and related organizations of the industrial chain in different provinces.

Focus on

Automotive steel technology

Automotive aluminum technology

Non-metallic material technology

Automotive lightweight connection technology

Conference highlights

The first option platform for innovative technology exchange and cooperation, attracting 1,000+ automobile engineers to Shenzhen

Covered by 150+ well-known news media

10+ research institutes and higher learning institutions highlight the academic peak

100+ industrial leaders arrive at the site to share their insight

Participation in exhibition, sponsorship and conferences

All enterprises (organizations) with advanced technologies and innovative solutions in the following fields are welcomed to become our partners and actively participate in the exhibition, sponsorship and conferences.

Whole vehicle makers

Passenger vehicle makers, commercial vehicle makers

Automotive parts and components manufacturers

Makers of body system, engine system, transmission system, vehicle axle system, automotive interiors and exteriors and other parts and components.

Automotive steel manufacturers

Lightweight auto sheet products and complete solutions, high-strength steel, ultra high-strength steel for new energy vehicles, silicon steel and complete solutions, automotive gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel and other quality steel.

Manufacturers of automotive aluminum and aluminum parts and components

Raw materials, body and parts, aluminum castings and forgings, aluminum wheels, aluminum materials dedicated for new energy vehicles, etc.

Manufacturers of automotive non-metallic materials

Automotive plastics, composite materials and special materials, automotive rubber, adhesive sealing materials, functional ceramics, friction materials, fabric leather, etc.

Manufacturers of lightweight processing and equipment

Thermal and cold forming process and relevant equipment, connection technology and related equipment, surface treatment technology and related equipment, forming moulds and manufacture technology, stamping, rolling and hydraulic forming equipment, metal cutting equipment, forging technology, etc.


Contact Information of the Organizing Committee

INFO Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

E-mail: info.Ava@info-shanghai.com




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